Don’t be a Winter Wuss…

Don’t be a Winter Wuss…

Keeping Your GYM Motivation During Winter.

Be Realistic

Your exercise routine should be sustainable throughout the year. Don’t keep doing the same thing. Mix it up to keep your body and mind interested.  Exercise enough to feel satisfied, and increase the level of difficulty gradually.

Ask for help

Work through your “gymtimidation” with a Personal Trainer, or join a class where everyone is in the same boat as you. All our team members are qualified – and delighted to help you in every way possible. Just Ask!

Figure out your ‘why?’

You exercise for a reason. That reason should involve your best interests and motivate you when exercising starts feeling like a chore. If you fail to find your “why”, you will inevitably fall into somebody else’s plan – and that usually ends as a medical pharmaceutical plan.

Be patient – learn to rest, not quit…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your ideal body. If you think of exercise as an option, you’re more likely to choose not to do it. Make it short, sharp and mandatory – like cleaning your teeth – and you’ll be exercising every day.

Be proud of yourself

Exercise is a way to be proud of what your body can achieve and how it brings clarity to your mind – not a punishment for being unhealthy. When you’re in good health you are better able to derive a deep sense of pleasure, energy and meaning in life.

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