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If you don’t take care of your body now, you will have to improvise later on.

Look in the Mirror…

We have just been alerted to the tragic news of the passing of a great friend.

It’s terribly sad and he will be remembered for his amazing sense of humour, kind personality and somewhat wild ways!  However I suspect he will also be remembered for his troubled history with drink and drug addiction.

Already people shake their heads, tut-tut, and posthumously remonstrate his failings in this area. But I think, as human beings generally, it’s too easy to point the slightly self-righteous finger…  

Are you the person that goes to the same bakery and orders the same pie every morning for morning tea?  Are you the person who drinks the same 5 coffees every day or keeps the day going with multiple cans of E-drink?  Are you the person who comes home at night and opens the same bottle of wine and has the same 2 glasses over dinner, 7days a week, 365 days a year?

If that’s you, understand that you’re doing no less damage to yourself than someone who smokes anything in a rollie or abuses class A drugs – the only difference is the speed at which it kills you.

Roughly 1000 people a year die in NZ from drinking too much alcohol.  You may think that’s not you – and if you’re reading this, then clearly it isn’t 🙂

But patterns become habits, and habits become addictions. Just because we hide them behind the veneer of “social status” or “little lifestyle luxuries” doesn’t make them any less damaging,

Why change?  Well it’s the realisation when we lose somebody close, that suddenly life was not all about me – it was more about the people around us and the people we care for, and that neglecting our health is administering perhaps the cruellest blow you could ever deliver to someone who loves you – deliberate self-destruction.

So, what to do..?

Take this time when we have been deliberately isolated, to make these 2 things happen….

1) START doing the things you say you need to do.  (We hear “I know I should…” constantly.)

2)  STOP doing the things you know you shouldn’t be doing. (We hear “I know I shouldn’t…” constantly.)

With small consistent increments you CAN make monumental gains to your health, wellbeing and weight, and in doing so change your life.  Consistency is the key!

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