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Racing Through Time

By Anne Laing.

Evolutionists estimate we’ve been on this planet nearly 2.5 million years.

We have been healing ourselves and living on a ‘hunter-gatherer’ seasonal diet of ‘primal’ foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, since the dawn of our species.  Only relatively recently – about 10,000 years ago – did we start to settle in communities to grow crops of grains such as wheat and corn.  

Now if you condense the whole of human evolution into just one year, it turns out we started eating grains only about a day and a half ago. The pharmaceutical and drug industry started from its roots in botanicals (yes, really) in the mid-1800’s, then left this behind for the more lucrative synthetic compounding in the early 1900’s.

These are just a blink of an eye in our history, yet now we’re taught to scorn the old, natural, bio-identical methods of keeping the body healthy, which has sustained us over these millions of years.

Genetically we are virtually identical to our ancestors and are best adapted to these primal foods. Unfortunately, much of what passes for ‘food’ that we now end up ingesting (courtesy of the agri-chemical, pharmaceutical and factory-food industries) is largely unrecognised by our ancient, but highly efficient, biological systems – or our genes.

It is ironic that our bodies are surviving longer now through a combination of better hygiene, advanced trauma treatments and a notable absence of sabre-toothed tigers, yet here we are getting older, slower, sicker, fatter and weaker as we age than ever before in our long history.

So let’s go back and nourish ourselves on whole, unprocessed foods, free of chemicals, additives and mankind’s meddling. Let’s go back to growing and buying food that looks like it’s supposed to, and support ethical and sustainable farming.

And let’s go back to eating food that’s made in a kitchen, rather than in a lab.

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